Sweater Nails and Budding Romance

Lovely folk!

Stamping plates from Born Pretty Store and sweater nails, hello.

China glaze trendsetter

Do let me whine a wee bit. I’m currently all bundled up in bed, very sick, very poorly and very medicated. Of course, I had to catch the nastiest infection in the last 2 years smack in the middle of my uni finals.

Nail stamping

I felt so bad and feverish I actually went to the doctor (not a fan.) – who, upon SEEING me said: ‘Antibiotics it is.’
HE ONLY LOOKED AT ME. Yeah, pretty sure I was a coughy, teary-eyed, swollen zombie.

Anyway. He gave me a rockin’ dose of antibiotics (normal dosage is 125mg, he prescribed 500mg for me. If it doesn’t kill me, it will have to cure me.) and forbade me to leave home. BUT, oh but, I have exams and finals and things that are not in my GP’s jurisdiction.

Sweater nails

Anywho. I’m showing you my sweater nails today and the stamping plates that finally arrived from Born Pretty Store.
They were kind enough to let me choose some for a review – and of course, they didn’t disappoint. I’m a huge fan of Born Pretty Store, have been pretty much since I started blogging/painting.
They’re affordable, they have a HUGE selection of goodies, and, that’s important for the terrible P&P-Scrooge in me – free worldwide delivery. I know.

Born pretty store stamping

It’s February. I do realise. But I’m rocking sweater nails – I’ve always wanted cheesy, Christmassy sweater nails, preferably with a reindeer or two and now I have them! Oh the joy. I’ll be damned if a silly thing like February stops me. I’ll wear Christmas sweaters if I want to. Instead of hearts and lovey-dovey things. sucharebel.
I also have a dream of owning and wearing an actual Christmas sweater, because, for some reason, it’s never been a part of my 23 years on the planet… Why? I’m boggled, but I’ll get there, I’m sure. One day.

Remember when I told you about the two polishes I got myself for Christmas? Well for this, I used both.
* China Glaze Trendsetter
* China Glaze Budding Romance
* Barry M gold foil

China Glaze Budding Romance

This stamping plate – QA57 – is a repeat of my previous experiences with BPS plates. They stamp with no problems whatsoever, well etched and quirky designs, just how I like ’em. Take a look, if you want to, and if you do decide to order, you can use the 10% off code Born Pretty Store gave me: UZG10 for a discount.

Born pretty store discount code

Best stamping plates

I really want to try BPS’ water decals too, but every time I’m stalking their site stamping supplies catch my attention.

Do you like Born Pretty Store? Have you tried their stamping plates?



18 thoughts on “Sweater Nails and Budding Romance

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  3. That avocado color in divine! Seeing this really makes me want to spend more time on my nails. I’ve never tried stamping plates but I have tried Jamberries – which are pretty but take the painting fun away from the experience.

  4. In some inhospitably cold parts of the world (like home) patterned Fair Isle sweaters are worn year-round, so you can totally get away with it, particularly when you’re ill (can’t believe you can do your nails when you’re sick, let alone go to school and finals. I always go to ground completely.) Feel better soon.

    • It’s official then. I’m moving.

      Sandra! You absolutely made me feel like a superhero! : ) Thank you for you comment! I was like, hell yeah she’s right, I might not always be awesome, but now I’m sick and feverish and poorly AND I’m doing things.

      I dream of going to ground completely.

      Muah hon!

      • I’m fighting off a cold hardcore and just trying to figure out if it’s actually the flu that everyone got but me or just some new product I’m using on my hands that I’m terribly allergic to. First time ever I’m rooting for allergies!

        Rest well, kick people out of your home if you must – being sick just sucks so hard.

  5. Both the colour and stamping pattern look so pretty together! I don’t think I would have thought to team them together but it looks so beautiful :) I’m a huge fan of bps stamping plates too! xx

    • I’m glad you like them!
      I suppose I’m a fan of odd combos – and not only colours. Today, I’m fantasizing about a donut with BACON BITS. I’ve never tried it, but I know where it is and all my thoughts revolve around that place now.

      ; )

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