Dip Me, But in Chocolate

Fimo fruit slices nail artHi y’all!

(I watched Horrible Bosses 2 last night and now I can’t stop saying things in my head in a weird, fake Southern accent. A horrible blend of SNL’s Maine Justice and old-time gold prospector.)

How are y’all?

Hope you are all having a good week. I am finally over that terrible flu thing I was telling you about in the last post, the antibiotics didn’t kill me in the end, but managed to dig me out of the fever ditch. Thank you all for the well wishes!, they actually brightened my coughy existence.

Did you have an awesome Valentine’s Day story to tell this year? And no, I’m not pinching your cheeks and putting pressure on you to be romantic, coupled and lovey dovey.

Chocolate nail art

I, for once, this year, went clubbing. In all honesty the attempted clubbing and the very real Valentine’s Dayness were not at all connected. My best friend wanted to go out, I really wanted to dance like nobody’s watching, so we went. It just so happened that it was the 14th of February.

In hindsight, I really should’ve expected, LIKE A LOT OF, people watching.

OPI Suzi Says Da

The club was just steaming, teaming with an enormous crowd. The place itself wasn’t huge and the dance floor was, well, cosy. Nope, I’m being nice and euphemistic.

The dance floor was packed, all sardines like, people were going this way and that, faces were elbowed, and elbows shoved.

You couldn’t dance, at least not what I see as dancing, because you couldn’t move a leg or hip there. I gave it a frustrated 2 hours of being pushed and attempting to have fun, and left around 1am.

I’ve said before, I’m just not a fully functioning piece of this world we have now. I mean, I get sexy crowdy, like you know, all pheromoney and a good DJ and moving my hips and muscles and jumping and feeling alive and having a blast. But this was just a crowdy crowd, a disappointing mixture of meh music and tight space.

So that’s my VD story.

Woah. I got all talkative on you.

I went with chocolate dipped strawberries because I’ve never used Fimo slices before and let me tell you, they’re FUN. I had an entire plan of patterns and details to add on the rest of the nails, but then I stuck the strawberries on the accent nails and that was plenty enough.

Chocolate dipped nail art

Also, how adventurous with this 2:3 combination – I don’t think I’ve ever gone with thumb and pointer one colour (Essie Going Incognito) and OPI Suzi Says Da! for my molten chocolate.

Those of you who know my Instagram know also that I don’t any Valentine’s Day thingamabob to have an excuse to melt chocolate and dip things into it. Dinner?


PS K. brought over HOMEMADE doughnuts the other day (which she made with these phalanges), for Fat Thursday – which is basically Shrove Tuesday, only Thursday and with doughnuts instead of pancakes. PreLent things, Mardi Gras style.
Anyway, here’s a doughnut for your eyeballing pleasure.

Fat Thursday


6 thoughts on “Dip Me, But in Chocolate

  1. I love the chocolate dipped strawberries idea! Nice use of the fimo strawberries! :) I don’t really like clubbing either especially when it’s crowded like that!

  2. These are LOVERLYYYY and I am doing red and chocolate brown eyeshadow tomorrow. Maybe red liner. Yaaasssss.
    Also, why would you ever leave your house when you could sit and stare at your nailporn allllllllllll dayyyyy?

    • Whoop woop! Telepathy.

      Red liner sound AHMAZING! I’ll be interested to see how you make it NOT look like a sleepy zombie – with pink eye – I love your talent.

      Sometimes I do do that. I call it hermiting.

  3. So cute; I love the little chocolate-dipped part you added to the fimo slices. On a more serious note, be safe out there – the world is full of awful and you’ve got to be alert. Ugh, it sometimes all sucks – and I also dislike crowded dance floors.

    • Aw, thank you. I like to imagine it’s dark Lindt chocolate ; )

      You’re very right! And it was only the other day I was surprised when my friend was leaving my place and she took her pepper spray can out of her bag and put it into her pocket – turns out even in the nicest, SAFEST neigbourghood possible…

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