50 Kisses on Black and White

How are you all doing this dreary, transition month – February? Some days feel like spring is almost in the air, other are like an icy axe to the lungs. Oh well.

That’s what I get for deciding on a university so far inland.

Nail stamping

I wore this mani on the 14th actually, since any pinks or reds are a big assault on my eyeballs, and I really enjoyed it – those black and white bold patterns are a lot of fun. And left, right hands colours reversed? Double fun.

Lips nail art

I couldn’t resist a 50 Shades of Grey word play in the title, just like with this one (what can I say, puns and alliteration, no matter how dumb, are my thang) – a book which I’ve not read, nor do I plan to.

Lips manicure

Since it premiered on VDay, I assume if you wanted to see the movie adaptation in the cinema you’ve done so already? Did you like it?
Was it like you imagined it reading the book (if you have)?

Black and white nail art

I find that it rarely is – for example, Divergent was pretty close to the book, but when I saw the trailer for Love, Rosie I almost screamed. Chocolat was a good film in itself, but literally nothing in comparison to the novel. Lovely Bones, one of my all time favourite death-centred books, when turned into an, admittedly brilliantly done movie, still manages to loose some of its detached, surrealistic tinge.
The Great Gatsby is an odd movie-long music video, not even reminiscent of the epic source material. I wouldn’t get into a fight about this, but I’m pretty sure Twilight on screen is even worse than Twilight on paper. Demi Moore’s Hester Prynne in Scarlett Letter? Lord no, just, no. It’s HARD to make a decent movie adaptation, is all.

Unless you’re Peter Jackson and have an unlimited amount of elven extras and New Zealand unreal landscapes.

Black and white manicure


Essie blanc swatch

12 thoughts on “50 Kisses on Black and White

  1. I like how different this valentines day mani is while still fitting the theme! I don’t wear pink very often… Sometimes I’m in the mood for it but after a day on my nails I’m usually just like ugh lol

    I read 50 shades but couldn’t find anyone who was willing to watch the movie with me haha I guess I’ll wait for Netflix. Embarrassing guilty pleasure :p

    I’ve read divergent but haven’t got around to watching the movie either.

    I agree with you on the lovely bones though… But I suppose it’s hard to get everything into a 90 minute movie so some details are always cut :(

    • I’m glad you like it!
      Haha, I’m the same, I wore it for a friend’s bday celebration and after a day I was like GET IT OFF.
      U! You gotta get around to the Divergent movie, because Insurgent is coming out! I LOVE the books.
      That’s part of the reason I was happy they made LOTR into like a bajilion-hour movie. Or divided HP into two parts – I’m happy to pay twice, just don’t cut too many details, you know?
      Thanks for the lovely comments!!

  2. Ooooh love it! And I hate it when they make movies from books, they always manage to screw it up somehow or another. There is some exceptions to the rule, but mostly I’ll read the book first just to see how they murdered it in the movie.

  3. Ew, 50 Shades of Grey. Oo, nailporn. But seriously, a movie enthusiast too?? You’re just perfect.
    Saw your twin today, she hugged me and told me happy late birthday. Supposedly she just turned 19. Why am I telling you random facts about a stranger??
    Also: Lovely Bones. Totally forgot about that book/movie. Loved, loved, loved it. Gotta go makeup or something inspired by it.
    This is such a weird stream of consciousness comment. Anywho, fun times. Gotta do some homework. I love your nails and you.

    • Nailporn is the only right kind of porn, right? : P We won’t talk of mummy porn if you don’t want to.

      Aw Olive, *blushes*, totally a movie enthusiast, yes!

      Did she give you any pastries this time? I feel a kind of connection to her now…

      Lovely Bones, oh yes. I read it aaaages ago and watched it a long time ago too but it remains a firm favourite – need to rewatch it.
      Yesyesyes, a makeup inspired by it! Yes.

      Stream of consciousness-type of comments are my favourite, seriously Olive.


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