Don’t Talk Cumulonimbus To Me

I have cloudy nails. Aren’t they just SOMETHING?
Nimbus nail art
I tried a new technique – Nimbus nails, and it’s such a fun one to actually execute, and the end result is pretty awesome too.
I modified Sammy’s technique – I wanted the dots pretty defined, not too smudged with acetone, so I have a combo of clouds and blurry dots, which is how I like ’em.
OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me
Have you tried it before?
Are you going to try it now?
It’s very cool, I recommend it.

The nail polishes I used in this one are one of my favourites, and they’re perfect as they’re kind of dirty, cloudy colours themselves, in the right company. It’s:

* OPI Don’t Talk Back to Me, a yellow toned green, an ugly colour which I ADORE, sort of maybe a little bit pistachio, but more half light olive half funky lime, weird and lovely
* Sally Hansen Wet Cement, which is slowly becoming my favourite grey I guess – I seem to be reaching for it more and more (btw I would really love to see a comparison of Wet Cement and OPI Cement the Deal from the 50 Shades of Grey collection – anyone have both?)
* I made the clouds with Konad Special Polish in white
Clouds nail art
Ever wore nimbus nails? Let me know.

Hope you’re all fantastic,
I personally have been having the kind of week where I feel only indulging in my hobby and the blogosphere will cheer me up, you know?
Nimbus nails


35 thoughts on “Don’t Talk Cumulonimbus To Me

  1. Wet Cement, oh my gosh. That’s me if I ever named nail polishes- “Cat Litter Grey” or maybe “Murky Puddles in the Early Spring When the Slushy Gross Snow is Still Melting.” Possibilities, possibilities. I really enjoyed the hazy layered effect on yo claws this week though, pretty darn awesome :D

    • I would SO BUY the Murky Puddles in the Early Spring – I wouldn’t even care about the actual colour : P

      I adore nail polish names, the weirder or punier, the better.

      ‘Hazy, layered effect’ – oh perfect, thank you!

    • Thank you Agata! : )

      This one’s SUPER easy – you paint your nails the base colour, wait a while so it semi-dries and then, take a COTTON BUD, your dotting colour (white in my case, clouds) and acetone/nail polish remover.
      Put a few drops of white on a piece of plastic, then dip your cotton bud in acetone, then in the white – dab a few times on a piece of paper, so it’s not soaking wet anymore, and finally – dab onto your nail. Keep dipping, dabbing, dabbing until you’re happy with the result. Then top coat – try it, you’ll see how easy it is as soon as you try it : )

      Let me know if you attempt this, Agata!

  2. Pretty! If you put it onto aqua/turquoise or a deeper blue shade, they might look like a swarm of cutesy jellyfish :)

  3. Genius! Wow, you’re so talented! I’ve never seen this design anywhere before. And you have incredibly beautiful hands! (*hides my hands in shame*, lol!)

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