Squoval versus Almond – The Most Flattering Nail Shape

What is the best nail shape?
How about a little post about shaping your nails. Let’s see, squoval or almond?
Square nails

Hi lovelies! Since I took the plunge and changed my nail shape ONCE, I keep experimenting and switching back and forth. Which is awesome, honestly – always had my nails square or sliiightly squoval and now it’s all different lengths and shapes bonanza.
A-england dragon
Apart from the time when I was biting my nails (the habit that lasted YEARS.) and they had no shape, apart from, well rugged/shredded kind of style, I was VERY used to square nails. You don’t realise how accustomed you are to your usual nail shape until you change it. Not very different from a hairstyle or everyday glasses or hair colour.
Tea nail art
Anyway. Now that I got my nails to be strong and finally not peeling (knock on wood.) they can pretty much hold any shape – again, new to me. I had weak and breaking nails for such a long time. Even pretty extreme almonds hold now (and tear holes in my tights.) – great for experimentation.
Long almond natural nails

Here I’m showing you a before and after shaping my nails – squoval versus almond nails.
What is the best nail shape

(square with rounded tips)
Gold foil nails
versus (pointy and sharp)
Pointy nails

This golden thing that’s also happening is very unusual.
Gold manicure
The whole painting took me about 4 minutes, and no cleanup and no top coat. Also unusual. The almond shaped nails are with an addition of a matte top coat only.
Matte gold nails

I honestly think you should wear the nail shape you like and feel comfortable with – all the guide lines saying that if you have wide nail beds or chubby fingers and more – they’re right in saying what’s most flattering, but in the end?
Go with what you’re comfortable with.

My fingers definitely look slimmer and less chubby (thank you genes. thank you fish&chips.) with longer, preferably oval or almond nails, true. The most flattering nail shape so far has been the long and almond one I think – but.
Nail porn
For example: the other day I cut them down (the nails, not my fingers.) to tiny round nubs and loved wearing those, with a dark, grungy manicure.
Aengland Lancelot review

Mah point? The best nail shape is the one you enjoy the most.
And the obsession with flattering = slimming can be hard to overcome, but in the end,

comfortable is simply more important than thin.

So lovelies, are you experimenting with your nail shapes? Or is it the one and only for you?
Which nail shape is your favourite?
And what nail shape flatters your fingers the most??

Let me know,


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UPDATE: I am loving almonds, and my natural nails hold them very well. I do short, medium, claws. Experimenting is fun.

On a scale of most flattering, most slimming to chubbiest fingers, elongated almonds are most definitely the prettiest and flatter most hands. Try them.

Then go oval nails. Round nails. Square are generally the most chubbifying, but I like them too!

I jump between different versions of almond nails and round and square constantly. Experiment. Photograph your hand. Find out whether ‘slim’ is what you want or ‘you’ are what you want.

Matte gold


30 thoughts on “Squoval versus Almond – The Most Flattering Nail Shape

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  6. I’m having some serious nail envy, you have great nails!
    On my nails an oval shape is most flattering to my fingers but I generally prefer short square nails or almond nails. One is totally practical but pointy almond nails are way more fun :)

    • Thank you, hon!
      Haha, I totally agree – I’m wearing pointy claws now, but they’re ready to go – classes start tomorrow and one can’t be concerned with not breaking a nail while meeting professors and planning theses. :)
      Ovals flatter me the most too, but I’m just not a fan…

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  8. I wore my nails square for years, and went round recently – hated it! I just couldn’t get it totally even! So I filed the sides and ended up with a mid-length, rounded point. And I love it :) also (touch wood!) I’ve only had one break, woo!

    You are totally right though, whatever you like best, is the right shape for you :)

    • Yay, I know, I’ve been following your experiments on the blog ; )
      And grah, don’t even get me started on the even sides – that’s so my problem with almond and pointy nails. I love the look and feel, but the even sides and angles drive me CRRRAZY.

      Yeah, me too, haven’t had any breaks, but I do notice tip wear – which I never have with square or round nails, you know?

  9. I actually really like the shape on you. It complements you. I actually always like almond on others and tend to dislike square… Yet I myself can’t deviate from square because I feel any other shape doesn’t suit me

    • Thank you hon!
      I know what you mean – I usually think longer oval nails on others are like the most beautiful, but then on me… not so much.

      And square nails are SO EASY to maintain <3

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the moral of this story :D go with what you’re comfortable with.. me.. I’m comfortable with not shaping my nails ever haha xD my nails are usually squoval to oval and that’s a-ok. I can’t be bothered shaping them all, anyways. Sometimes one is more square and the other more oval… whatever :P I like both short and long nails (cutting your nails after they’ve become too long can be such a nice feeling.. typing properly is so nice :P) but I’m not a big fan of the pointy nails. They’re so, you know, pointy :P thanks for sharing, Catherine!x

    • Thank you! I’m glad you agree, comfortable is so important, especially in the world of tips on how to look this way and that…

      Haha, so right, pointy nails, are so… POINTY! ; )

  11. I like yours – and apparently now mine, too – on the rounded, oval side. Squoval feels neither here nor there (plus that name is STUPID) and pointed tips are sort of scary. The oval shape is so nice and feminine, too, and very tidy. Although who am I kidding – at the moment every one of my nails is a different shape, because I can’t stop breaking them (three this week. THREE!)

  12. Hey Cat, first of all, your nails look gorgeous. Add stop it; “fish and chips”, seriously (are you *fishing* for compliment, huh? ;)) – the proportions are ideal!

    And as per your question, well, I’ve had my share of experimenting :)
    (And I used to bite my nails for seven long years so I hear you)
    Personally, I feel that squoval is the most easy-to-maintain shape. Round and oval look terribly bland on me, and aging, too; elongated pointed nails only look good (albeit witch-like) when the nails are REALLY long; and shorter pointy nails look plain awful.

  13. I’ve had squoval, round, square and my personal favourite the ballerina aka coffin (square but the sides are tapered… like a trapezoid). On some of my fingers the natural white tip is straight across and on others it’s a deep V shape…so I never knew how I should shape my nails so this hybrid shape works pretty well for me. Unfortunately one of my nails keeps peeling and breaking so my nails are all different shapes right now :( when my nails grow out I plan to go back to ballerina!

    • Woah! I’ve never tried coffin nails. I like the look of them on some bloggers, they’re so different and interesting!

      Yay! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to your nails – waiting for the comeback of ballerina ; )))

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