Chevrons and Impalas

Chevron! Pointy! Yahs.
Nail stamping
Hello loves!
For the last N.A.I.L linkup theme this month, chevron, I’ve done my first ever chevron-patterned manicure – and LOVED wearing it.
Chevron nails
I thought aligning the pattern with the pointy nail tip would look cool, and I was in a major mood for something dark. Like it?
Almond nails
For my chevron nails I used:
* a-england’s Beauty Never Fails – a dark olive with a green golden gleam and bronze embers
* Konad special stamping polish in black
Beauty never fails

Forgive the abundance of nail porn,
Couldn’t resist the shimmer…
Chevron pattern

For some reason, this dark one makes me think of the Impala – Dean’s baby, you know? (PERHAPS because I’ve been binge watching Supernatural and EVERYTHING makes me think of Destiel, Impalas and Crowley. And I mean EVERYTHING.)
Dean pie

Remember this collab? Ah, the old Impala. The curves, the ’67 charm. She’s a beauty.
Dean impala


Konad stamping


28 thoughts on “Chevrons and Impalas

  1. Looks very cool!!!
    p.s. I was watching Supernatural and then it became boring for me and I stopped. But my husband still watching, from the story he told me I think producers already didn’t know what to film and strated to put all ideas they have together:D Whom do you like more from Supernatural?;))

  2. Ooo lordy, we should collab again. Yassss. Also, I totally feel you on the binge watching. Tell me if/when you’ve caught up, we should chat haha :D
    I’d just like to take this time to remind you that I have met/hugged/shared an intimate moment with the supernatural cast sooo…
    But I really like the shape of your nails, I was a little eh when you first filed up but now I’m like mmmm…
    That doesn’t make sense Olive *facepalm*

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