Pastel Me Interested

Oh my lovelies! Hello! Long time. How are you all doing? What have you been up to?

I’ve been so uninspired lately. Both hobby and everyday-wise. Well hell. Happens I suppose.

Oddly enough, seeing Jacqui’s post about her new glasses brought me back to our blogosphere – a simple dose of pretty. Her lovely frames with a pop of teal were my inspiration to catch up on reading posts – I’m already feeling a wee bit more inspired.

Models own blueberry muffin

In other news, I am (attempting to) work on my thesis – and dealing mostly with procrastination issues.

Also, waiting for spring to come, so (and thank you NAIL LinkUp) pastels it is.
Rocking shorties, too.

Models own review

And, for some reason, kites. I have NEVER owned or flown a kite. I’ve just realised. Whaaaaa…???

Pastel manicure

In the Models Own sale a while back I bought myself a few goodies, a these two gorgeous pastels are one of them.
I used, all new, all for the 1st time (it’s a tiny Christmas for nail polish lovers, right?):
* Models Own scented Blueberry Muffin
* Models Own Hyper Gel Naked Glow
* stamped the cutesy kites with Models Own Chrome Indigo which STAMP. The reviews were right, people. These Models Own Chromes do stamp. They SUCK as nail polishes (don’t even get me started on their formula.) but they stamp well. Loverly.

Nail stamping manicure

People. Say a quick prayer to the universe that some inspiration comes to me, would you? Like, inspiration to BREATHE and DO LIFE.

Erratic and generally Cat-like Cat

PS I put bees on my friend’s phalanges. Are you interested in seeing a springtime bee manicure?


26 thoughts on “Pastel Me Interested

  1. I love your kites :) Also, the white nails look great. I have such a hard time doing white. Which is a bummer because I love white (as a base for stamping or just plain).

  2. Wow! How do you this?? I’m almost in tears because of how hard nail art is for me. Do you have video tutorials or ones that you recommend for total nincompoops like me lol?

    • Honey! : ) It’s my hobby : )))
      I don’t have any videos, but the thing I can HONESTLY recommend is to try – and keep trying even when it looks like crap. Tried and true.
      Do you paint your nails on a daily basis?


  3. Your nails are gorgeous, and the kite detail is so dainty! I’ve been uninspird by life recently but getting back into blogging again too :) It’s always inspiring to read other peoples posts xx

  4. Blueberry Muffin! I love the smell of that polish so much. At least mine smells pretty fantastic. These nails are super cute. :)

    And best of luck with your thesis – you probably already know this, but “procrastination” is just another word for “thesis.” They kind of go hand-in-hand, unfortunately!

    • It does?! Mine just smells toxic-y. I mean , I enjoy they fumes, I’m a nail bloggers, but no blueberry in sight…

      Haha, I actually realized it now! From now m, when I’m saying ‘I’m working on my THESIS’, I’ll know what I really mean : P Thank you <3

      • That sucks (about the non-smelly smelly polish) but it’s a problem with scented polishes that seems to happen a lot. I have a gold polish from another brand hat’s supposedly scented like strawberry shortcake – others have raved about it in reviews – but mine just smells like hot toxic death. Weird, man.

  5. Lovely stamping! Blueberry muffin looks gorgeous on you :) I’ve been pretty uninspired lately too :( I haven’t been posting that much and when I do its just swatches

    I can’t believe you’ve never flown a kite before! I haven’t since I was a kid but I’ve been meaning to with my boyfriend this summer… You should definitely try sometime… Especially if you need to procrastinate ;) I don’t know how I made it through school I was the worst procrastinator lol

    • Thank you! I was actually surprised by Blueberry Muffin – I thought it’d look too watery, but made my nonexistent tan all spring-like, oddly : )

      I haven’t! : P I will, promise. And you have to fly a kite with your boyfriend too ; )

  6. Breathe, Cat. Do LIFE. :D
    These are beautiful!! I love the soft pastelly color combo :) But seriously, you’ve never flown a kite??? Peasant *tosses hair*
    (Just kidding ;))

  7. Procrastination is my middle name lol. Thanks for sharing this post. Now that I know the Model’s Chrome polishes do stamp I’m going to have to add them to by list. I’ve never flown a kite either!

    • Haha, so glad to find another procrastinator :) Makes me feel a bit better.

      Happy you found it useful! Definitely, get them for stamping, just don’t expect too much from them, formula-wise. I did and was sorely disappointed.

      Yay! To another kite-flying-virgin! ; P

  8. I like this one very much!!! And length is just soo good! Everything looks so pretty and neat!:)
    I send you some inspiration through computer:)

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