White Gold at Baker Street

Honeys! How are y’all?
Aengland Dragon
This is probably definitely the most random combo I’ve EVER had on my nails. NAILLinkUp’s prompt: most expensive polish + the ease of using A-England’s Dragon + ABBEY ROAD?
Nail porn
I don’t even.
He Went To Jarred
But it was fun to wear and I love typography on my nails – got to stamp it more often.
Gold leaf top coat
Plus, white gold flakies top coat? Makes anything better. Mean it.
He Went To Jarred. 12K white gold leaf. Ninja Polish.

What do you think?


Gold flake nail polish


16 thoughts on “White Gold at Baker Street

  1. I totally get the typography thing…I want a wrist tattoo like that that says “So it goes” (quote from Slaughterhouse 5). Also, that green is stttttttttttttttunning. Also you are stunning. That is all :)

  2. I like. I used an A England polish earlier this week, but purple – lord, they’re beee-youtiful. It’s actually sort of gross. Love the white gold accent, too – white gold is where it’s at.

      • They really are so lovely – I’m not sure why I discount them so readily, all “Oh, it’s JUST A England.” I’ve got two, Rose Bower, which is the most perfect raspberry colour, and then the purple I was talking about, which is called Crown of Thistles. It has this kind of copper shimmer in it that makes it look like it’s glowing from within. Huge recommendation as “just a polish,” you know?

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