Highlights of Cubism

Models own bikini
Raaaawr! I’m alive! The nail-painting, nail-stamping creature is still alive.
Although since my thesis is slowly turning my brain homicidal, I’ve been more of a reader than a blogger lately – that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge is here – the girls are at it again and the prompts are awesome this year!
OMD3? So. many. manis. to ogle. Yahs.
So many posts, so little time. Love it.
Geometric nail art
These nails kind of happened and freaked my eyeballs a bit – SUCH HIGHLIGHTER. So I added cubes to make them more…? Less…? No idea. But they sure were fun to wear and colourful as f.
Oh Mon Dieu Challenge
Prompt número 5 – coloUrful. ; )
Models own speckled eggs
I used:
* Models Own Bikini from the Polish For Tans collection (in your face highlight.)
* Models Own Swan from the Speckled Eggs collection
Highlighter nail polish
Happy July everyone,
Hope you’re having a hot hot summer,
Are you vacationing ? Working ? Writing a dissertation ? What you up to lovelies,
Nail stamping


Summer manicure

30 thoughts on “Highlights of Cubism

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  2. So cool, we’re in sync! :-) I love the combination of lilac and yellow – reminds me of yummy sorbet! I’m indeed having a hot hot summer. We’ll have 38°C today here in Vienna which is way too much for my taste ;-)

  3. You really do create some incredible looks Cat, honestly the attention to detail is amazing!!! Brill design and the colours are perfect – love it :) Karen xo

  4. Ahh such a beautiful design, I would never have thought of putting such polishes together (sometimes I am too inside the box) but they look so lovely together. I love the cubes and the colour combinations.. just gorgeous :D xx

  5. I love the yellow and the speckled purple together! Thanks for finding my blog btw, by the comments you left I see I have found a fellow nerd :D

  6. Ooo reminds me of pudding and…hmm…blueberry ice cream. I must be hungry ;)
    ColoUrful, huh? Kat you’re so offensively British :P
    I hope you’re not expected to have a different mani every day for that challenge because my gosh what a waste of polish! Wait do people actually do that???? Important questions here!

    • Olive! I pass a blueberry Hagen Dazs ad every day on my way to uni – and you are ON POINT. Blueberry ice cream.

      <3 So offensively, aww : )

      You are! I couldn't do it – remove it, oh, never. But this challenge is fun because you don't HAVE to post every day – jump in any time, I like it that way : )

      This existential question deserves attention, oh yes. People do do that. Freaks me out – so impressive.

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