Mermaid Waves

Hello lovelies! I am chuffed to share with you today a look that was so much fun to wear – it really was a delight. Now, I told you before and lemme repeat it, ‘kay? – I love mermaids. LOVE.
So when I saw the OMD3 prompt ‘Under the Sea’ I knew there would be no crabs on my blog, no urchins, no lobsters, no Nemos. Merrrmaids.
(allow me to assault your eyeballs with nail porn now.)
Ombré nails
I used:
* OPI Yodel Me On My Cell – a lovely aqua blue (appropriate, attention to detail, hello.) with an iridescence and shine – I was pleasantly surprised by how complex the shimmer was in this one – for the two accents and base for the mermaids, as well as the gradient
Mermaid nail art

Insert a Ninja quick
OPI Yodel Me On My Cell review:
This colour deserves a short write up – if you’re wondering whether you need it in your life or not – you do.
Yodel me on my cell review
The formula is brilliant – flows nicely, not too thin, doesn’t flood, it’s one of those colours where the actual painting is a pleasure, not only the final ta da. Not streaky at all.
Brush is standard issue OPI – flat, large and awesome.
Opacity? Needs two coats, but for the humans not OCD about visible nail line, one will do.
Mermaid manicure
* OPI Alpine Snow for the white in the gradient – which I keep reaching for, it’s very reliable and I seem to prefer it over Blanc nowadays for some reason. Might be the slightly better formula?
* and of course – my trusty Barry M Silver Foil for the stamping – so good.

Nail stamping
Can you tell I couldn’t decide between a French tip and an ombré and kept changing my mind mid-nail? Can you?

Nevertheless, I still adored wearing this and merrrmaids. Nuff said.
Mermaid art
Did you guys watch H2O Just Add Water when you were a teenager adult child?


More mermaids maybe?
You can always take a look at this make-up collab, with blue tears and thermal colour changes <3
Mermaid nail stamping


28 thoughts on “Mermaid Waves

  1. H2O Just Add Water used to be one of my faves :P. And Alpine Snow is my go to white atm. I have few more which are pretty ok but like you, I tend to reach for the OPI one.
    I did one mermaid design too. I really need to get my posts up :P Loving yours btw <3

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