Almonds and Iced Tea

Beautiful folk!

This is a rare sight here at Cat’s Claws : )
*gasp* Nude, SHEER nails. Oh mon Dieu.
Almond nails
I was feeling very unlike myself, so an un-Cat manicure it is. My nails are almonds again and I am… liking it – what do you think? Yahs or hell no?
OPI Glints of Glinda
This Oh Mon Dieu 3 prompt is #mynailsandmydrink, which, apparently is a thing – which I’ve never participated in. Aaaaah, social media. But when the ladies of OMD3 call, I answer.
Nude sheer manicure
So there you go – my phalanges and my drink – sweet tea, only without the sugar.
My nails and my drink
It’s iced, Yorkshire tea goodness, bitter with the tang of a lemon – awesome, always.

On top of the icy tea goodness, let me share my love of Glinda.
OPI Glints of Glinda review:
Formula: oh so on pointe – slightly jelly-like, glides on, doesn’t pool, not too thin. Very similar to the delightful OPI My Pointe Exactly.
Brush – reliable OPI brush, flat, easy to manoeuvre.
Opacity – I don’t know how many coats you’d have to use to make it fully opaque – this is definitely a sheer beauty, so for all of you VNL-haters, don’t. : ) This is 2 thick coats.
Nail polish review

#mynailsandmydrink? Do you take part? Do you like it?

Hope you’re having a warm and good summer,

Geometric stamping


23 thoughts on “Almonds and Iced Tea

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  2. Looks great, I like the shape on you. The nude is very flattering. I like the mani it’s cute with the little ice cubes printed.

  3. Very nice – I actually quite like the “mannequin hand” look and don’t find it a negative at all (when you’ve got little nails like I do, nude nails make them look like talons!)

  4. This is the kind of thing I’d wear if I could paint my nails like a capable human. It’s very pretty in a subtle, fuss free way. Well, it looks fuss free anyway. Maybe you fuss with it when no one’s lookin ;)

  5. Your nails are to die for!!! Mine look like hell but I haven’t been caring for the cuticle or the nail properly so no wonder.

    • Thank you, hon!!!
      Yeah I know, my cuticles and nails suffer too when the combination of detergents, cleaning and slacking on cuticle oil strikes! Gotta moisturise! My homemade cuticle oil works beautifully – only you have to ACTUALLY APPLY IT ; )

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