Oranges and Cream

Lovely folk!

I did this prompt for OMD3 a while ago – only taking a breather from a particularly obnoxious academic paper at the moment and posting it now. Another thing I didn’t know existed – #mynailsandmybag. I thought the white and orange would look striking against the black and white.
Bad Girl clutch
I am actually so glad Oh Mon Dieu challenge is so unrestrictive – the ladies gave me inspiration to paint and post without making me anxious.

That counts as A LOT for someone who’s writing a thesis.

Natural almond nails
I used:
* OPI Alpine Snow
* OPI Tangerini Bikini – first time using this gem. Looks like a tangerine cocktail, googles like an ancient artefact, and applies like a creamy peach smoothie.
Good shimmer, but seriously – how old is this polish? Collection? Eh, it’s very pretty nevertheless. Warm and iridescent.
* Konad Special Polish in White
Tribal nail stamping
I also used my beloved Cheeky stamping plate – Viva Mexico (here is where I attempt to explain my love for all things Mayan, but mostly let my verbosity run free – and boy, does it ever. Also, enabler much? Gooooodness, how time flies.) – and stamped differently on my left and right hand – can you spot it and my non-posing, awkward-er hand?
OPI Tangerini Bikini
These are almonds, but you know what? I’m starting to realise I personally don’t like them this long – I just never had a chance to know whether I preferred my nails long or short, because they were simply always short (and ragged.)… And it’s not purely an aesthetics matter – I just don’t like how I feel with looong claws. Hm.
Nail art
What do you think?

Happy to share with you some bright and pretty,


16 thoughts on “Oranges and Cream

  1. I think you’re beautiful, as always. Good luck with that thesis love, when it gets overwhelming just think of how nice it’ll be in ten or twenty years to have a stuffy conversation over wine and hor d’oeuvres (yep, had to google that one) about what you wrote your thesis on. I think that’s what adults do, anyhow :)

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