Deathly and Hallow

Ha, ha, Harry Potter nail art.
Deathly hallows nail art
Beautiful folk! Oh how I’ve missed the blogosphere. I had detox symptoms from all those unposted and unread posts!
I am catching up now, love me some binge reading. I had a lovely 7 days of vacation at home, very touristy and very, very bloody rainy, but awesome. Back to work now, and back to normal routine.
Harry Potter manicure
This mani was created with a new stamping plate that LadyQueen kindly sent me for review – I chose a Deathly Hallows, quills, stars and Morsmordre themed images, duh – look at those plates, aren’t they quirky and adorable? :D They’re a lovely shop for all things nail hobbyist, and they offer free shipping which you know I’m a sucker for.
Check out their stamping plates here and if something catches your eye, go on and use my 15% OFF (!) discount code (FYI, not an affiliate link, I don’t receive any compensation if you use the code) – HWLC15.
Lady queen store review
The nail plate is well etched, got to me safely covered in foil and was easy to use. I chose the deathly hallows all over pattern, which I loved and the larger deathly hallows symbol for my accent.
Do you recognise this presidential suite?
Harry Potter Privet Drive Leavesden

Manis like this are really my favourite to wear. They’re quirky for me, who knows they’re Harry Potter themed, but still ‘safe’ to wear – from afar, my friend thought it was coffee beans or some other, less crazy pattern – do you know what I mean? Btw, I’m experimenting only slightly now and I’m close to establishing my favourite nail shape! I know, major.
Prepare for upcoming posts featuring manis from the vault – of all different shapes and lengths, and you know I’m always happy to get feedback and advice.

A-England Dorian Gray

I used:
* A-England Dorian Gray – the one-coat superpower of A-Englands never fails to amaze me
* Konad Special Stamping Polish in White

Lady queen discount code

Hope you’re all doing good and having a beautiful September – summer is closing shop, school, college and uni is starting and work is work, always there.
Are you lovelies great, good or all over awesome?
Are you at all into these HP nails?

Harry Potter nail art


Morsmordre nail stamping


17 thoughts on “Deathly and Hallow

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  2. Haha I want a Harry Potter stair case room! As for nail shape, I experiment a lot too but mostly cause my nails always break. I like the shape you have hear the best I think :)

    • Ha! I bet you don’t! It was truly teeny tiny, and I went in and it was WAY SMALL. ;)

      Thank you love! I am also liking this shape best, but only when it’s short or medium, when they grow longer, I no longer enjoy them.

      My nails used to break too, but I fixed them through trail and error with strengtheners and cuticle oils!

  3. Ah, you geek you. At first glance I honestly thought “why the h e double hockey sticks did she stamp moose feet onto her nails?!” Shows how bad my eyes are I guess :D

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