Criminally Minded

Criminal Minds nail art welcomes you.

Criminal Minds nail art

Gorgeous folk! How about bloody handprints on a white wall and miles of yellow police tape?
Two themes in a row, whoop whoop! We had Harry Potter, now it’s time for crime.

OPI lemonade Stand by your man

Yep, I’m all kinds of criminally minded. Doctor Spencer Reid is my spirit animal, and his social awkwardness and intellectual genius both, never fail to bring me joy.
His hatred for all things paperless is glazed cherry on top.

Bloody handprints nail art

Penelope Garcia, the best odd-yet-still-real character on television is seriously the highlight of it all. And yes, I do shriek whenever they drop a Whoverse reference – both my spirit animal and Garcia are Whovians.

Police tape nail art

The FBI cases are always fascinating, while in some other shows, they can get a bit dull or repetitive. Adore following the behavioural analysis – such a good blend of psychology, criminology and detective work this show.

The blood doesn’t bother me, the gnarliness adds to the blend of human and animalistic dimension of the serial killers and psychos.

Crime nail art

Anyway. Hope your eyeballs enjoy this mani, hence the abundance of nail porn – it was so much fun to wear, one of my favourite designs of all (!) time – and that is saying something, so I am happy to share it with you today.

I used:
* OPI Alpine Snow
* OPI Lemonade Stand By Your Man – :) an extremely apt name for this bloody mani. It is a stunner, although its shimmer is clouded by all that police tape here.
* Konad Special Stamping Polish in Black
* Konad Special Stamping Polish in Red

Bloody manicure

Do you have a favourite crime show?
Have you ever seen Criminal Minds?



22 thoughts on “Criminally Minded

  1. Very nice! These look great. I’ve just started to get into stamping, so I’m appreciative when it’s done right. :)

    But I totally can’t with that show – every time I’ve seen it (three times?) it’s been some horrible abduction case, super graphic, people dyin’…I used to be a pretty hardcore Law and Order fan, but it’s pussycat hour compared to Criminal Minds – that shit’s for real, and I’m too old for nearly all the shit now anyways. :)

    please make this my whole wardrobe face aesthetic forever
    and I’m watching Criminal Minds right now ahhhh
    I <3 Garcia fanclub
    Reid is cute also

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