How To Survive a Thesis Defense? Snakes.

Black and white graphic nail art? Anyone? Sssnakes.
Post my BA thesis now, finally – how to survive it? Forget the world, think only of the paper, and PUSH. THROUGH. I know. Revolutionary.
Black and white nail art
Hello gorgeous people!
I am alive. What’s more, I have my BA degree. – I screamed, I fought: with bibliographies, normative ethics, government reports and research. Wrestled with all things administrative red tape. I wrote. I defended my thesis – had an actual argument during the defence exam, and have not yielded, despite the freezing horror of possibly being flunked – just generally, veni, vidi, vici. At least BA-wise. Onwards now. Graduate studies, here I come.
Sharing, cause you’ve been messaging me and asking – thank you for the support! I survived this. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and in this instance, makes you a BA.
Ufff. It feels like I can breathe now. A bit. Like, two oxygen molecules in. Better than none.
Almond natural nails
Enough about me, on to the phalanges. It’s just that I’m quite happy I got the diploma. Quite happy I can now study further, breathe a bit and also blog more – hobbies, girls, hobbies. (You know my stance on mental health and hobbies.) Ze nails! Finally. :) I love me some graphic stamping – and this is simple, fun and very wearable – for once, I’m wearing these while typing this post (nail bloggers problems y’all know so well), when running around town, trying to compose my uni schedule and register for courses. These are actually from a snake-y, as in Harry Potter Nagini snake friends, stamping plate.
Pointy nails
Pointy, black and white and fierce I think, no?

Hope you’re all staying beautiful,
School, uni and work is going good!
Do you like graphic black and white designs like this?

Graphic nail art


12 thoughts on “How To Survive a Thesis Defense? Snakes.

  1. A huuuuge congratulations on your degree, hats off to you for all your hard work you totally deserve to feel so proud of yourself! And what a beautiful manicure to celebrate a wonderful time, I love your black and white design very much :) xx

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