The Olive Rose Garden

Olive jelly and rose gold stamping. Looky here at the peculiar combination.
Models Own Chrome Rose Gold
Welcome back beauties! Today I’m sharing with you these nails that I’ve been craving for a while – a beautiful, deep olive base with warm, rose gold stamping. Aren’t they, well, something? :)
That China Glaze (that I told you about – it was my Christmas gift to myself;)) is just stunning, and because my collection is extensive due to hoarding tendencies I’ve only used it ONCE so far. Poor olive baby. Bottle.

I used:
* China Glaze Budding Romance
* Models Own Chrome Rose


Attempting to capture the rose glint in this stamping was challenging. Hope your eyeballs enjoy.

My nails are round these days, but will definitely go back to almonds – just shorter almonds. I know long claws are generally a coveted commodity, but I’m not a fan of them on myself. First world dilemmas.

Hope fall is treating you well!,
Here it suddenly became freezing, rainy and snowy – and there’s no Autumn, no gold leaves. Just the cold.
Do you like olive nail colours?


10 thoughts on “The Olive Rose Garden

  1. When you said “poor Olive baby” I thought of myself. What can I say, I’m selfish. This pattern and the colors remind me of hotel carpet, haha. I vvvvv enjoy it though :D

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