Mictecacihuatl Much?

Lead lighting technique and sugar skulls?
My first time lead lighting HAD to be for Dia de Los Muertos, right?
Welcome back beauties! I am sharing with you today my All Hallows’ themed mani and so happy to be showing you this design, too! I bought a set of OPI Sheer Tints the other day (I could not resist, the novelty of a sheer jelly ;)) – hello indies. We’ve been doing it for YEARS.) and wanted to do something different – hence the new technique.
This is my first try, so be gentle. Y’all know my love of Mictecacihuatl and all things Aztec myth, so I’m stopping myself from throwing a bucket of facts and mythology knowledge on your innocent heads – I’ll just show you the nails, the colours and the pretty. :)
Do you guys like Dia de Los Muertos? Or are you more into Halloween, Samhain or All Saints?
Have you ever tried lead lighting? Did you like the look?



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