a-england Princess Sabra, How Royal.

Welcome back lovelies!

I have been MIA, sick to the point of being sent to the hospital, but I AM alive. Still recuperating. And very much missing blogs. So here I am, sharing the beautiful Princess Sabra from a-england with you all.



I am not generally a fan of holos, but got this one a while ago since their Camelot is such a perfect, beautiful to apply black, I couldn’t stop myself.

Sabra is one of those formulas that you can just chuck on one coat of, it self-levels, doesn’t flood anything and is just pure awesome. I like it even though it’s not a creme, and mostly because it is so pleasant to paint with.

I gotta share with you the description from a-england’s website, as it’s so poetic, as per usual: Alluringly feline golden olive bronzite, the sacrificial Princess constantly shifts with her elusive, myriad hues. I know, right?


All fans of bright, linear holos will love it, plus the gold in Princess Sabra is somehow dirty – and so it seems to escape looking even remotely tacky.

Hope you are having a lovely December, I cannot BELIEVE it’s Christmas so, so soon!


I have much in the vault to share with you in feature posts :) Hope you enjoyed today’s colour and if you’re ever looking for a good formula, especially best black nail polish – do try e-england. I am wearing their Camelot on my shorties right now, and feeling very grungy and throwback-y. Painted them in the midst of my illness, that’s how easy that colour is.



16 thoughts on “a-england Princess Sabra, How Royal.

  1. Oh no, the hospital? I hope you’re on the mend and feeling better. At least your nails look totally fly? A England’s polishes are pretty spectacular, plus the romanticism is charming.

  2. Sorry to hear you had to go to hospital! I hope you feel better soon! :) This is a really nice holo… I like how the holo is visible without being so over the top that it looks space age-y haha and yeah the dirty/tarnished color is really nice too… I agree it’s gold without being tacky

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