One Sugar Coma, Coming Right Up

Welcome beauties!, in this festive and sweet post. Actually, after I created this candy cane nail art, I’ve realised something. I have NEVER HAD A CANDY CANE. No joke. How did that happen?!


I really wanted something for my nubbies this week (I just adore short nails, don’t you?) that would be both graphic nail art and sort of reminiscent of Christmas nail art. Also, I wanted colours to POP.

Hence the white background, Santa red (or food colouring red ;)) stripes and, to make it more shiny and festive – my 24K yellow gold flake top coat, that is just gorgeous however you decide to use it.


For this design I used:
* OPI Alpine Snow, my trusty white for underneath nail art
* Konad Special Polish in Red
* Ninja Polish The Midas Touch
* and a new stamping plate I bought from BPS the other day, their new, bigger one, which I am enjoying IMMENSELY so far

In other news, just like one might do a spring cleaning of their wardrobe, I just got done with my version of winter internet cleaning – cleared out my Bloglovin’ feed, favourites, bookmarks, went through my Instagram account – which I am ITCHING to delete btw, and presto, something that takes you a mere 15 minutes makes you feel instantly… refreshed.
In case some of you are not familiar with Bloglovin’ or haven’t tried using it yet, I thoroughly recommend it. It has become my main hub for following all my favourite bloggers – I used to HATE having my subscriptions split between blogger, blogspot, email, WordPress, Google+, self-hosted and blogging gods know what else. With Bloglovin’, it is delightfully organised and very easy to scan for new posts.
Currently, after the little clean-up job, my feed has 2 blogs. And it used to have hundreds, a mess. But you all know how it is, you follow blogs, some die, some cease to be your fav, et cetera. So I am all ready to collect new blogs to read now. What a nice feeling of a tabula rasa.


Hope you are all very well and excited about Crimbo – I btw, am not, just because I am so swamped with uni work that I haven’t had time to process anything just yet.
How are YOU doing?


PS N.A.I.L. is back! Very glad, these prompts bring much freshness into our nail art lives. Originally dreamt up by Brijits DigitsCraftynailEeeek Nail Polish! and my first and most definitely favourite nail art challenge, it is now being resurrected by 4 lovely ladies, including Michelle from OrdinaryMisfit. Yay.
I wanted to avoid traditional Christmas baubles, so I did candy canes that you most certainly can hang on a tree, for the Oh Christmas Tree Prompt.


18 thoughts on “One Sugar Coma, Coming Right Up

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never had a candy cane! I used to love making mine into a super sharp point as I ate it haha. Great job on the stamping it does remind me of a candy cane. I need to pick up a gold leaf topcoat it really does go with anything!

    • I know, right?!
      They keep putting a jar of candy canes in my local Starbucks Reserve, but they are sort of misshapen and bent out of shape – and the stripes look NOTHING like the stripes on my nails – I want my first candy cane to be the genuine article :P


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