Avert Your Eyeballs, Summer Is Coming

Happy New Year to you all lovely readers!! Hope you had a brilliant Christmas, holiday, and a good New Year’s Eve? I had a brilliant time, all family and time spent together and family.

I sincerely wish you all the best, prettiest, most colourful and happiest – the right combination of sad and joy to create real happiness.

Doesn’t the brand new 365 days feel like a tabula rasa? All clean, unwritten and ready to soak up all our mistakes and triumphs.

The mani I am sharing with you all today is a bit unusual, as there’s no stamping involved, but I just enjoy this colour so much and so when I saw one of the January themes for NailLinkUp (yay. It’s back.) ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Think SUMMER! Summer time fun, songs, sun and swimwear.’ – I had to use it.
When they released the Polish for Tans collection, I jumped at the Models Own website and bought ALL THE SHADES. It was my first purchase of an entire collection, and so is memorable.
I happen to be the weird nail polish hobbyist who doesn’t really like red nails, holos, glitters and highlighter polishes – well up until I tried these. They are bright, they are highlighter bright ladies, and they really do what it says on the bottle – make your tan POP – or if you are melatonin-challenged like me, make non-existent tan change its ontological status to existent. Yes, really. So good.
So I’m sharing a mani that DOES make me think of summer, and Cornwall specifically (<3) and hope you all like the positively illuminative assault on your eyeballs.
It is Bikini by Models Own and it is be best described as a neon pastel.


I wanted to gather all my posts of these different bright tan-enhancing, neon colours for your viewing pleasure (and WOW, for someone who has a lovely (hello hoarder.) collection of polishes, I do seem to repeat these, but hey. I adore them.), so there you go:

The one where I combine pastels, neon-pastels and cubism – which I’m SURE 1907 Picasso would appreciate.

The one where I painted my phalanges with Models Own coral-y Shades, stamped with awesome Aztec patterns, took a bazillion pictures because SUN., and then proceeded to feed my fingers to a school of piranhas.

And the one where I reminisce about my time spent in beautiful, indescribably so, Cornwall, neon Beach Bag nails and a sugar mouse bought in a Mousehole.


10 thoughts on “Avert Your Eyeballs, Summer Is Coming

  1. Wow, these sure are bright! They’re like a ray of sunshine beaming through my computer screen, which is well needed since I haven’t seen the sun in months. You’re nails are always soooo neat, I wish I had your skills xx


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