Atoms Above Me and Atoms Within Me

Welcome back lovelies!

Hope you’re having a good beginning of February! I have finals at the moment, uni is brutal – and that’s how I like it. <3 (I sound sarcastic, but I'm really not.)

I have a mani to show you and I enjoyed wearing this one so much. Allow me to hit you with a little bit of nerdy though, because that's just how I roll. Plus, without that bit, this mani makes precisely NO sense (besides being pretty, all soft brown and acidic green). It's for the Love/Hate NailLinkUp theme.


Love: critical fission reactors, nuclear plants. A beautiful reaction, a dance of streams of neutrons, accelerators, a splitting nucleus and energy. Safe and clean in many respects. I've loved nuclear physics since I was 10 probably and first read about radioactive decay.
Hate: the use of fission for making bombs. Chernobyl as its cloud affected people I know and love and countless others.


So there. This is one of those scientific discoveries, like dynamite or genetic modification that can be used for good and fantastic results, but also for evil and despicable ends.
In itself, nuclear fusion and fission are beautiful processes. Love.

Plus, lime green is cool ;) (aaaand we're back to nail porn.)


Are you joining the NailLinkUp this month? Let me know!



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