I Like You, But If You Rip My Tights We’re Done.

I Like You, But If You Rip My Tights We’re Done.
I was so rhymes-with-thunk last night, I think I said that to my friend of 11 years. I LIKE MY TIGHTS, alright? They are of the mock garter persuasion and they even have a bow. After my nth glass that bow became an important part of my life.

They survived salsa, samba, being lifted into THE AIR, and spun and twirled though.
Anyway, welcome beauties! Today I am sharing with you a manicure that is probably one of the most fun to wear ever because THERMAL POLISH. I know, I know. But I am like a 5 year old with a science kit. I mean COME ON IT FREAKING CHANGES COLOUR. Wore this on VDay because bleh bleh bleh red or pink nails. Hello turquoise.
Hope you enjoy the nail porn, this one photographs like a bitch and won’t let me show its true colours. It’s coy I think, when it’s almond. Take a look at my mermaid mani, there are truer pictures there.
The formula is so good, and it’s already pretty aged. Top quality this polish.
I added stamping to it, even though I was tempted to just leave it as is – it is so gorgeous, but the graphic pattern is nice.
Also, almond nails! Yay? Nay?




15 thoughts on “I Like You, But If You Rip My Tights We’re Done.

  1. Haha, I’m precious about my tights too. I wear fishnets mostly and they get caught on everything! Thermal nail polish is supercool – it reminds me of those mood ring that change colour depending on your body heat. Beautiful artwork, as always :) xx


  2. LOL: “because bleh bleh bleh red or pink nails”.

    Your stamping technique is darn amazing, I thought at first glance they were precut stripes. Wow.
    Oh and almond nails, I dunno. The shape never worked in my favour, but you sport it rather beautifully :)

  3. I like your nail art design but really am impressed by your cuticle condition as I bit my cuticles for most of my now long life and there is little support left on the sides of my nails to support any nail growth before cracking off.
    I can’t find the wax esters you refer to although my own cuticle concoction already contains all the other ingredients you list. If I were to use it, my nails would be much healthier but I haven’t done so, lately!
    I checked on Amazon, Aliexpress and even Walmart but no luck except one source on Amazon that costs A LOT!
    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience in hand/nail care.

    • Tamara, hope you still see this – sorry I’m late with the reply!

      Girl, I know what you mean, used to bite my nails too, and my cuticles suffered. Jojoba oil IS the saviour – BUT. You have to use it consistently. That’s what I struggle with. A little bit every evening works much better than a lot once a week. Try to keep it on your nightstand, I put my concoction there and they WILL heal. Happy moisturising!

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