Aerial Views of the Desert

Soft browns and pale yellows. Non-human nature abounds in these colours. Tribal patterns. I like this one, you?
Tribal nail stamping
In other news: SUMMER is here! Finals are here. Deadlines are here also.
Natural almond nails
But one can count on lovely colours to bring a smile to a tired student’s brain.
How are y’all doing?!

PS This was stamped with the lovely plate from Born Pretty Store.
How they always deliver a good, well-etched pattern for an affordable price is beyond me.
If you HAVEN’T tried their stamping supplies yet, go ahead, wholeheartedly recommended. You can always get 10% off discount with a code, mine is always on the right of the post (UZG10). (no affiliation, I use that code too :D)


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