Existentially Confused Houndstooth

So, when I was already a grown-ass adult human, I was sitting in a cafe with my mom, outside and she said, ‘Look at that little Chanel-style dress, with the houndstooth!’. Ok, ‘It’s so…. pretty….?’ While thinking, *What in the blooming hell is a ‘houndstooth’?*
Animal, vegetable, mineral?
Point is, we learn bits all our lives. One can know what caxtons are or understand the workings of nuclear fusion, but not how to hit a golf ball or have a clue what a houndstooth is. I think it’s brilliant. Humanity is brilliant that way.
And the nails? I bought a new plate from BPS and was so happy to see it had a few houndstooth images, few variations. So, since I’m so much smarter now, right , and know what the pattern is, I stamped it with the prettiest aqua blue on my white short almond nails. Lovely jubbly. And THEN my mom saw the nails on Skype and said it’s NOT HOUNDSTOOTH.
So, lovely folk, is it a houndstooth print or not? Is it me and my flailing expertise of fashion patterns or a shitty laptop camera?
I still like them either way. Poor, existentially confused nails.
Hope you’re having a good summer,
ours is boiling, sticky hot & full of violent summer thunderstorms,


14 thoughts on “Existentially Confused Houndstooth

  1. Omg you are actually hilarious. It’s kind of houndstooth. Houndstooth has straighter lines but if you hadn’t asked I would have totally said houndstooth and you did a great stamping job.

  2. I just had to google houndstooth to be able to tell if your mum is right or not! I’m not sure it matters because either way, your nails are so pretty. I’ve never seen a pattern like that on nails before. I like the shape too, the point on the end looks like you’re ready to claw someone ;) My summer is pretty rainy and grey!

    Jessthetics xx

  3. It’s houndstooth-ish (totally a word). So it’s a variation of the original, so many of those out there. I do like the colours though, even if I went WTF for a second ;)

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