Butterscotch Sauce Fingers

Hello another bunch of untrieds, hope y’all enjoy them.
My drawer of nail polishes I haven’t yet tried is abundantly over-flowing, despite my ban on polish hoarding. Must be better about them, tend to always reach for my favourites somehow.

OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story and OPI San Tan-Tonio are the perfect combo of a muted burnt, brick-y, but lighter orange and a dark, dreamy creamy nude. In theory, I dislike both orange and ESPECIALLY nude nails. In practice, these two I love.
Bonus: they’re OPI and the formula hasn’t failed me yet. So good.

Do you need them in your drawer? :)

OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story review:
Formula: perfect, OPI formula. Consistency on point.
Brush: wide & flat, a firm favourite. Flexible, but not flappy.
Coverage: v. nice. With a thick coat, could be a one-coater. As is, two level coats, no patchiness.
Colour: melted warm caramel meets butterscotch meets burnt brick. More yellow-y than reddish. Traces of pumpkin. A beautiful creme.
GET IT? Yes. Put on your pants and go to the drugstore. A unique orange with a retro feel.
OPI San Tan-Tonio review:
Formula: good. A smidge too thin.
Brush: wide & flat, a firm favourite. Flexible, but not flappy.
Coverage: definitely 2 coats. A little patchy, but nothing major.
Colour: dark beige. More cappucino than latte. And definitely almond milk, not cow. A creamy creme.
GET IT? If it’s on sale. A pretty, not revolutionary nude. Doesn’t exactly FLATTER the skin tone.

Do you like the two together? I enjoyed the combo so much, I stopped myself from stamping over them! I know!


PS I’m a firm non-believer in ‘autumn’ or ‘summer’ colours. Wear whatever the hell you want.


9 thoughts on “Butterscotch Sauce Fingers

  1. They’re so pretty! The orange colour is definitely my favourite, I thought pumpkin as soon as I saw it. It also reminds me of that 70s orange you expect to find on zig zaggy wallpaper, maybe with a bit of mustard mixed in! x

  2. I love the colour combo! As I’m currently swatching OPI fall I’m realizing these are in very similar tones.

  3. As I said in FB the Chop-Sticking To My Story is awesome. It’s definitely on my wish list for now. Have to wait a bit though when I can afford to order about 6 or 7 polishes :P. At least things are moving for me now. My paperwork was sent off to UK for the tax stuff.
    And I just discovered I have silver hex glitter on my table :O :P Still loving your nail shape. Just shaped mine into coffin last night, they seem to grow again now :) Just a slight bit of peeling to grow out on both pointers, hopefully they’ll hold now :)

    • Definitely put it on your list – so curious what the rest will be :))

      Yes! Congrats on finishing and moving on with the paperwork!

      Thank you K, it’s so weird not having square nails after a lifetime of them. But I DO like them so.

      • I have 2 lists, one for indies and other mainstream. So in the mainstream there’s few from China Glaze: Stellar and Choo-Choo Choose You, also Essie Find Me An Oasis. I need to find the notebook I wrote all of it down lol :P

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