The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors

aka The One I Liked So Much I Did Two Times In a Row.

Kind of a bulky title. These nails are awesome to wear. Dark and grunge <3
If, you know, grunge WASN’T about dirty, unkempt and comfortable and was instead all about painstakingly blackening & gradient-ing your nails and dotting them (CAREFULLY, so the dots are irregular). SO effortless.
I NEVER wear anything on my phalanges two times in a row. Shows how much I enjoyed these dark claws.
This mani is all kinds of different from my usual nail art as it is my v. first RECREATION of something I saw. Yay for out-of-the-comfort-zone.
Give In to the Darkness (I HIGHLY approve of the name) by Sarah from chalkboardnails – Sarah’s was nail art inspired by nightmares – fear of the dark, on round short nails.
Darkness, creeping up.
Such a cool design, I especially like the natural nail peeking through. My second try was both slightly better AND slightly worse. I got better at the dots and SO they were less regular (bad for this particular look). Oh hey, I know these aren’t perfect but I really, really enjoyed wearing them.
Do you like dark manis? Inspired by night horrors? :)

PS There ARE 2 different manicures in all this nail porn.


18 thoughts on “The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors

  1. These are great, and they totally remind me of those 1950s tea dresses with the dotted taffeta illusion netting on the chest and arms. That’s a very good thing, because I love those dresses!

  2. Ooh I love all kinds of darkness/horror related/inspired designs :). And your nail shape is just so nailicious :O. I know I start to sound like a stalker XD Or maybe I just have a nail fetish :D

  3. I’m an official creature of the night, and I think this manicure is awesome! I may need to try this one later in the year when my nails aren’t *actually* grungy from gardening.

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