1 blog full of art from 10 canvas.
BONUS: no need for lugging around the easel, no stretching the fabric over a frame, and they’re are always with you, all 10 of them.

I’m Cat, and a warm welcome to my corner of the interwebs.
And since it IS mine, it gets mad weird here from time to time. Consider yourself warned.

About my blog? I developed a healthy (not really) interest in all things nail porn when I was stuck in bed with a broken metatarsal last summer – oh the woes of broken feet. I needed something to do other than read, because my eyeballs threatened to jump out of my skull, so I went the creative route and started painting my nails, which I could not do AT ALL. I mean when I would paint my nails black (my only and favourite nail colour), HALF MY FINGER would be covered in polish.
I also dived into the blogosphere – an entire online community of lovely, talented bloggers whose blogs I enjoy immensely – and so I took a deep breath and decided to carve out a little online space for my own creations.
Cue the music: this project.

My nails and hands went through a lot before I got into liking them a little – I used to bite them for ages, abuse them when I was at boarding school (where we were categorically not allowed to use any makeup, nail polish included) and even when I was little, I had to keep them down to nubbins, because of my violin – what I’m saying is, for 20 years of my life, my nails oscillated between regular AWFUL to non-existent and bleeding. (TMI?)

Now they’re my canvas. We all need a hobby – I’m learning that more and more everyday. I used to underestimate the importance of a simple, extracurricular activity… But no.
To stay sane, you need an outlet. It might be watching movies, rollerblading, writing haiku or knowledge of kitchen appliances.
It’s all good, as long as it brings joy and calm into our lives, and doesn’t hurt others.
So there I go, with my hobby.

If you’re still here and didn’t say tl;dr by the second paragraph, cudos. Maybe your brain is random. You don’t mind people rambling. You like a glimpse into how other people process stuff and function intellectually. If that sounds right, we’re super alike, we could be twins and we are friends already ;) If not and you’re thinking, this chick is weird and there’s all these unnecessary words, follow my personal piece of the internets and there will be pictures of (hopefully) pretty nails and all a stampaholic’s heart can desire.
Either way, I hope this blog will bear some inspirational power within and without the AWESOME nail blogging community.

There will be nail porn.

There’s scattered wisps of my life woven through these posts, some chattines and a lot of colours.

This is my little escape from the everyday – I blog when I feel blue and beaten and when I feel like walking on air.

Sometimes we’re all serious, but it’s mostly good clean fun. So enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of shades, shapes and patterns, and relax.

Take a sneaky peek into my odd head and, hopefully, relate and make me feel less (or more) odd.


PS If you don’t want to miss out on a post, you can like me on Facebook here ThisKittenHasKlaws and be up to date with all kinds of pretty and occasionally mad.

If you need to contact me, for whatever reason tell TARDIS, she’ll find me.
Alternatively, here’s my email: thiskittenhasklaws@gmail.com – don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Also, lately I’ve been trying to update my Instagram more often – because looking back at some of those old photos is just a blast. Highly hilarious.
If you want to know what I eat after midnight, why I’m not a functioning grown-up despite my age or why the inability to take selfies, you can dive right in: CathyDream


28 thoughts on “About

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  5. Hiya!
    So glad you stopped by! Your writing is so entertaining! Love it!!!
    And you’re from Nashville. I mean. All my friends, when they talk about visiting the States say New York always, always and I’m the odd one who goes: ‘Nashville. Or Alabama. Preferably both’ – true story dat. I’m so happy I met someone based in Nashville : )
    And I’m much obliged for the cheers, yours make me super happy, but honestly, Teddy’s… I mean, Teddy’s make me blush. Fiuuuufiu.

    • Awwww, thank you!
      They’re sort of connected with the post I suppose, I always think about so many things when I write, and so I decided to add that at the end, the funny I was thinking of : )

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